Tech Data

and Warranty Info

Makrolon: Polycarbonate with an Abrasion Resistant coating on both sides. The best choice when seeking glass like clarity and longevity. Semi-ridged, sew-able and bond-able.  Available in Clear.060x48"x96".  


Strataglass: Press Polished vinyl with an Abrasion Resistant coating on both sides. Best when seeking longevity and ability to roll windows. Available in Clear, Light Smoke and Dark Smoke .040"x54"x110" 

Crystal Clear 20/20: Pressed polished vinyl, without any scratch resistant coating. Best when seeking an inexpensive window that can be rolled. Available in Clear, Light and Dark Smoke .040"x54"x110"


Solarfix Thread: The finest in PTFE Threads. Our blind testing found Solarfix to be the best all around sewing thread when working with Polycarbonate. Guaranteed to outlast the fabric.

Available in 1lb spools, 2000 and 2750 denier, Bright White, Natural White, Black and Clear.


Schmetz Diamond Pointed Needles: Highly recommended when sewing Polycarbonate.

We recommend size 20 or MR5 for 2000 denier thread and size 22, or MR6 for 2750 Denier thread.

 YKK Zippers: The worlds most popular zipper, Available in #10, Black or White, various lengths. 

Amercian Keder: The finest Keder available. Made in America. White or Black. 7.5 and 8.5 mm welded flap. 


Patternmate: 6mm Rolled, low density PVC with Diamond Nylon pattern re-enforcement. 63"x300' roll.


Mermaid Plastic Cleaner and Polish: The best we've found for cleaning and maintaining marine windows.

All in One Cleaning Kit: Contains 16oz bottle of Mermaid Plastic Cleaner, Micro Fiber Cloth, Sponge, Collapsible Bucket and Carry Case. The perfect thank you gift for your loyal customers.